DAO provides a portal gateway into the metaverse

As word of the metaverse has continued to spread, many individuals have begun to wonder not only what these digital worlds are but how they can gain access to it. As Web 3.0 and decentralized technology come together, new worlds are being created, ones where users have the power to shape the reality they desire, without limitations either by where they live or the resources they have at their disposal. However, perhaps what makes this experience truly unique is the opportunity people may have to express themselves in a better version of the physical world. Recognizing this opportunity, a popular American writer Neal Stephenson coined the term “Metaverse.”However, the concept is still foreign to most, making it difficult for people to enter without prior experience. Part of this problem comes from the overwhelming amount of projects users have to choose from, some of which include complex systems, technology and gameplay, much of which is difficult to understand for the average user. MetaBrands arose from this need, aiming to create a trusted transport vessel into the metaverse for those willing to enter the new world. In the words of their team,“[MetaBrands] is allowing instant exposure and one simple access point to the top-performing NFTs, play-to-earn models, and player-owned economies. As a collective (DAO), MetaBrands was originally founded with 12 advisors from different projects, ecosystems, and countries worldwide. [Our] vision is to unite everyone’s efforts and create a shared pool of skill, talent, and expertise that could be used to support great projects and brands. The philosophy is simple, “a rising tide raises all ships.”The team, which advocates for freedom through blockchain and decentralized technology, has made it their mission to provide a simple way for all types of people to interact and benefit from every opportunity this world has to offer. 

A community that gives back

To define this world, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) MetaBrands aims to build a symbiotic model that will include a metaverse asset portfolio and NFTs, which will act as the foundation for their own play-to-earn ecosystem. With P2E, players are rewarded for their time, energy, and skill invested in games that have the potential to help pay bills, feed families and change lives. Unlike other gaming models, players who make contributions to their progress in the game will be rewarded fairly. The team shares that this will help employ local communities by providing above-wage income, further ensuring that MetaBrands is generating a regular monthly yield that is shared back to the community. While the yield will be distributed in a few ways, the majority is said to be airdropped to MAGE Relic NFT owners.MetaBrands comprises two main products, the first being the MAGE utility token (ERC20). As a governance token, MAGE grants rights for its holders to cast votes and participate in a host of other proposals. In combination with MAGE is the MAGE Relic NFTs (ERC721), the multi-passes to the metaverse. By holding MAGE Relic NFTs, users can participate in the DAO, and other associated ecosystems, including games, projects and other applications.

Becoming a powerful ally

Looking forward, all of MetaBrand’s initiatives are aligned in a way that will help to establish themselves as a powerful ally in the space of metaverse-based ecosystems, play-to-earn models and the entire blockchain world as a whole. The team continues to add new utility and interoperability for their NFTs and develop new strategic partnerships with the top games and projects available today.Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you with all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor can this article be considered as investment advice.

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