Shark tank star Kevin O’Leary says crypto holdings comprise 10% of this portfolio

In a live recording with Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency Talk Thursday, Shark Tank celebrity Kevin O’Leary discussed how cryptocurrencies now make up 10% of his investment portfolio:O’Leary was previously a cryptocurrency skeptic, calling Bitcoin (BTC) “garbage” in an interview with CNBC two years prior. In explaining the shift in his outlook of cryptocurrencies, Kevin gave the following remark:Since then, O’leary has publicly embraced cryptocurrencies, becoming cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s spokesperson in August, and praising Ethereum (ETH) as a soon-to-be deflationary asset. Last month, the Shark Tank star’s crypto allocation surpassed that of his gold holdings. For the first time ever, my crypto exposure is greater than gold @DanielaCambone @WonderFi @ImmutableHold @BenSamaroo @jordanfried

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